The 2020 winning is just beginning

Homeland Center 2020 Lottery CalenderA Homeland Center Lottery Calendar is truly a gift that keeps giving – to its owner as well as the community!

Not only will the $25 collected from each calendar benefit Homeland’s benevolent care fund, calendar owners have a chance to win $30 daily prizes and between $50 to $100 on 24 special days throughout the year.  Once you purchase a ticket, it remains active for the rest of the year - winning tickets get returned to the drawing. 

Only 1,200 will be sold so don’t delay!  Homeland Center’s 2020 Lottery Calendar is the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone!

The first two month of winners for the 2020 Homeland Center Lottery Calendar have been drawn; checks are in the mail for more than $2800  thus far this year.

Recent Winners:

3/21/20 Jayne & Charles Wilson

3/22/20 Tammy McClenaghan

3/23/20 Donald Schell

3/24/20 Paige Strauch

3/25/20 Sally Gambill

3/26/20 Paula Green

3/27/20 Jillian Delgrosso

3/28/20 Barry Wilkins

3/29/20 Alison Kroh

3/30/20 Lorelei Hackman

3/31/20 Eric Mackey

4/1/20 Mamie Williams

4/2/20 Logan Badorf-England

4/3/20 Todd Worley

4/4/20 David Skerpon

4/5/20 Shirley Hoch

4/6/20 Donna DeBarr

4/7/20 Stacey Niedzwiecki

4/8/20 Omar Cripps

To order your 2020 Lottery Calendar, please go to or contact Ed Savage at or 717-221-7885.

A list of prior 2020 Lottery Calendar winners is available here; 2019 Lottery Calendar winners, click here; or 2018 Lottery Calendar winners, click here.

Warm thanks to all of our supporters for helping us serve the Central Pennsylvania community for more than 150 years.

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