Ragtime pianist charms again

Domingo MancuelloDomingo Mancuello fingers flew across the keyboard as he entertained residents in Homeland Center’s Personal Care Dining Room with a mixture of ragtime and Dixieland jazz.

Joining Domingo on Monday were Michael Winstanley on percussion and Tex Wyndham on the cornet. This was Domingo’s second performance at Homeland – he wowed residents with a solo act last February

Mancuello has played piano since age 4 – he’s now in his mid-20s – and discovered ragtime when his grandfather sang with a barbershop quartet. He and his grandfather were prowling antique shops, hunting for phonograph needles, when he heard a player piano for the first time. He was transfixed.

Tex WyndhamToday, he is production assistant at Fulton Theatre, Lancaster, while also pursuing his passion for ragtime. He tries to preserve an old Domingo Mancuello and Tex Wyndhamtradition while refreshing it for the 21st century.

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