Calendar Xmas

Homeland 2018 Lottery Calendar available – good for any time of year!

Homeland Center’s 2018 Lottery Calendar is the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone! Not only will the $25 collected from each calendar benefit Homeland’s benevolent care fund, but calendar owners have a chance to win daily prizes ranging from $30 to $500.

More than $13,000 will be awarded throughout the year!  Current winners are announced below. 

To order online, please go to or contact Ed Savage at or 717-221-7885.

June 2018 Winners

 6/1/18 David Clapp

6/2/18 James Armstrong

6/3/18 Marjorie McDivitt

6/4/18 Amy & Robert Hall

6/5/18 James Sparkman

6/6/18 Fred Kireta

6/7/18 Dorty Theis

6/8/18 Lori Ryerson-Mains

6/9/18 Jacqueline Young

6/10/18 Sandra Feigley

6/11/18 Charles Everitt

6/12/18 Sue Wilbur

6/13/18 Joshua Klinedinst

6/14/18 Samantha Strauch

6/15/18 James Armstrong

6/16/18 Cassidy Naylor

6/17/18 Nevin Tracy

6/18/18 Janice Coyne

6/19/18 Kaleb Desso

6/20/18 James Ramsey

Prior winners of the 2018 Calendar Lottery are listed here


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