Joanna Kasian found a new life in America!

From working on a family farm in Poland to finding love and raising a family in America, Joanna Kasian has lived a rich life.

“I always have a story to tell,” says the current Homeland Center resident.

Joanna was born in Poland in 1940, one of nine children to a Ukrainian mother and a father who was “Polish, Polish, Polish.”

From adagio to scherzo, residents of Homeland Center enjoyed a real treat on the first day of November – an intimate performance from renowned Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra musicians led by Maestro Stuart Malina.

Gloria Walters and her sister make the most of Homeland.

Gloria Walters grew up as the youngest of six children, but she was never the stereotypically spoiled baby sister.

“With six of us, the housework and the cooking, I don’t think Mom had any time to spoil any of us,” says Gloria.

Today, though, Gloria is still the youngest sibling to her eldest sister, fellow Homeland resident Fern Sucec. The two live in different wings but get together frequently, sharing memories and catching up on the day’s news and happenings.

Jennifer Parsons keeps residents moving forward!

She is leading Homeland residents in exercises meant to maintain flexibility.

“Feet in front of you, roll your ankles,” she instructs. “One, two, three.” They count up to 10. Then, she says, “Opposite way. One, two, three . . .”

The ankle-rolling concluded, Parsons reaches for a green ball, but a class member speaks up. Isn’t she skipping an exercise in the regular routine?

“See? I forgot!” Parsons says. “You should have said something.”

Mem O Ries Band“Here we have another polka,” Harry Minskey told his Homeland audience. “But this could be something strange to all of you, that we might play a song you never heard of, one called ‘The Beer Barrel Polka.’”

The audience got the joke. Right away, they told Minskey that, of course, they knew “The Beer Barrel Polka.”

“Ohhh,” Minskey teased. “Do we need to check to see how you know that?”


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