The resident didn’t want breakfast. Her worried son told Aprile Greene that his mom wasn’t eating her oatmeal and eggs, but Aprile had an idea. She went into the kitchen for some applesauce.

It did the trick.

Delectable appetizers. Made-from-scratch desserts. Traditional comfort food like grandma used to make.

Last year, Barbara Cleeland, a volunteer at Homeland Center, spearheaded the creation of a cookbook to commemorate the non-profit’s 150th anniversary.

Lottery Calendar

Homeland 2018 Lottery Calendar available – good for any time of year!

Homeland Center’s 2018 Lottery Calendar is the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone! Not only will the $25 collected from each calendar benefit Homeland’s benevolent care fund, but calendar owners have a chance to win daily prizes ranging from $30 to $500.

Music? Check. Santa hats? Check. Heaps of homemade food? Check.

On a Friday evening in December, residents and their guests agreed that Homeland’s annual holiday party has all the makings of a family gathering at home.

Jackie Roy brings grandmother’s lessons to work and life.

Jackie Roy’s grandmother taught her how to cook and how to bake a cake from scratch. More importantly, Lula Mae Sellers taught her granddaughter lessons in being a good manager.

“If you’re ever in charge of people,” she would say, “treat your staff well, and they’ll work well for you.”


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