The balloons were colorful and the conversation was lively as waiters and waitresses clad in black circulated among residents in Homeland Center main dining room, offering such delicacies as crab cakes, lobster rolls, sirloin tip pipettes and edible bruschetta spoons.

People living with cognitive and language impairment have difficulty finding the right words as well as recalling recent events. Sometimes the words are on the tip of their tongue but remain elusive. This situation can create frustration and embarrassment.

But help is available. Speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat cognitive-communication disorders associated with dementia, stroke, mild cognitive impairment, head injury and other conditions.

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is in the building!

Homeland Center residents, staff, and guests were treated to the musical sounds – and shaking hips – of Elvis Presley impersonator Brad Crum, on a Friday afternoon in April.

Korea. Honolulu. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Yuma, Arizona. El Centro, California. Arlington, Virginia. Carlisle. Six elementary schools. Three high schools.

Homeland resident Polly Myers saw the USA and beyond, even before she graduated from high school. Her father, a West Point graduate, was a career Army engineer whose assignments took the family around the globe.

From her first day at Homeland Center in October 2017, Kelly Weldon “just dove right in, talking to everybody, remembering the things they like and don’t like.”


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