21 French Students
Twenty-one French high school students interested in healthcare careers had the opportunity to visit the Homeland Center on Sept. 26 as part of a tour of area medical facilities.

Hospice CareFor those unfamiliar with hospice, the very mention may give rise to uneasy thoughts about death. But in reality, hospice care is all about creating a quality of life for patients.

While hospice care is called for at the end of life, the focus is about helping patients live to the fullest.

Just like in any family, mealtime at Homeland Center is one of the most anticipated times of the day. The residents look forward to not only another delicious meal, but also to the social aspects of gathering in the dining room with friends, staff, and families.

Estate Planning
No one likes to face the emotional and practical questions of estate planning. And yet, a well-crafted plan with properly prepared documents can create peace of mind today and prevent conflict and confusion later. 


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