Hummel DisplayIn the 1920 and ‘30s, a Bavarian nun named Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel drew sketches capturing the innocence and charm of the children around her. As her sketches grew popular, German porcelain maker Franz Goebel began producing them in figurines – each piece subject to Sister Maria’s approval.

Purple Knitting ProjectFor a small group of Homeland Center residents, their twice-weekly knitting circle isn’t just a chance to chat as they create intricate patterns. These four ladies knit with a purpose – creating slippers for homeless women and children.

It’s perhaps the most insidious of all diseases. Dementia doesn't sicken the body. It steals the mind, slowly robbing an individual's very essence, their personality. All that makes them who they are.

Maybe you get scared after seeing an older loved one fall. Or your mom or dad is getting more than a little confused -- not forgetting the keys but forgetting what they are for. Perhaps a former happy homemaker begins letting things go; the house is dirty, personal hygiene slips.

Recognized as one of the area’s best places to work and a recipient of Medicare’s top rating, Homeland Center is celebrating its 146th year of providing quality care to residents of Central Pennsylvania.

Chartered as the Home for the Friendless in 1867, Homeland originally sheltered...


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