A history of caring

2017 Homeland Fair 2 minThe Homeland Center parking lot was overflowing, not with cars, but with happy children and their families for the 2017 Summertime Fair. Summer storms held off until the end of the day, and kids enjoyed everything from hot dogs to snow cones and virtual reality games to pony rides.

The Homeland Center Summertime Fair is a highly anticipated annual tradition. Administration, staff, and Board of Managers members collaborate to create a welcoming event that convenes Homeland residents and neighborhood families for a day of fun.

Bob Shaeffer minBob Shaeffer’s career as a salesman for Doubleday put him in touch with everyone from the friendly owners of mom-and-pop bookstore owners to celebrities.

But his greatest satisfaction was derived from a sideline, when he and a good friend teamed up to help people fix up their homes for nothing more than the cost of the supplies.

“Whatever anybody needed, we would do,” he says. “If you had a problem, we’d go solve it for you.”

Amanda Schrader headshot minIn January 2016, Amanda Schrader had a new job at Homeland Center, a husband busy with his own work overseeing a prison medical unit, and two boys, ages 1 and 3.

“I decided that was the perfect time in my life to go back to school,” she says. “Why not? I’m crazy.”

The pursuit of knowledge, even in the face of daunting demands, is a defining feature of Schrader’s life. At Homeland, she is Quality Assurance Performance Improvement/Education Coordinator, responsible for the rigorous pursuit of consistent excellence.

Story time 2 min

Homeland Center Activities Coordinator Dee Smith strides into the Homeland Solarium and the children lining the benches sit up and smile.

“How is everyone?” Smith says brightly. “Good? Good! Nice day out today! Which stories are we going to read today?”

It’s Story Time at Homeland. Twice a month in the summer the children from McLamb Memorial Church Day Care Center walk just around the corner from their child care to Homeland. The first- through third-graders hear Smith read a story, while residents watch and smile.


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