2021 Lottery Calendar Winners

A Homeland tradition returns! The Fifth Annual Homeland “Lottery” Calendar is available and winners are being drawn daily.The calendar is a gift that keeps on giving because everyone who purchases a calendar automatically is entered into daily drawings for cash prizes of up to $100.

Additionally, your $25 calendar purchase helps Homeland provide financial support and additional services to so many of our residents, patients and clients. Over the past five years, our annual calendar has raised more than $40,000 for Homeland’s benevolent care. Thank you for your support.

We have distributed $1940 thus far to the winners.  They continue to be eligible for repeat prizes.

Click on the month for the winners. 


1/1/21 Karen Shook

1/2/21 Babs Phillips

1/3/21 Robert Browne

1/4/21 Laurie Murry

1/5/21 Sally Klein

1/6/21 Scott Thomas

1/7/21 Jessica James

1/8/21 Joseph Stine

1/9/21 Rob Alexander

1/10/21 Carolyn Humphrey

1/11/21 Tim & Pam Madden

1/12/21 Elaine Lepley

1/13/21 Megan Davies

1/14/21 Amy Jo Adams

1/15/21 Joyce Thomas

1/16/21 Victoria Gephart

1/17/21 Linda Stoner

1/18/21 Gina Snoke

1/19/21 Larry Kuykendall

1/20/21 Buffie Finney

1/21/21 Stephanie Gould

1/22/21 Barbara Cleeland

1/23/21 Claire Remple

1/24/21 Denise Keiter

1/25/21 Robin Brown

1/26/21 Kevin Shook

1/27/21 Joe Skerpon

1/28/21 Jim and Rhonda Gindlesperger

1/29/21 Janice Buchner

1/30/21 Sherry Carter

1/31/21 John Moulton


2/1/21 Alyssa Layman

2/2/21 Roseann Comarnitsky

2/3/21 Helen Brooks

2/4/21 Bill McCormick

2/5/21 Aleisha Connors

2/6/21 Ben Willis

2/7/21 Sharon Mattern

2/8/21 Contact Helpline

2/9/21 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gephart

2/10/21 Shirley Hoch

2/11/21 Elyse Whiting

2/12/21 Michael & Angela McCarter

2/13/21 Jeff Piccola

2/14/21 Babs Phillips

2/15/21 Jennifer Orr

2/16/21 Wanda Rosser

2/17/21 Don Tercek

2/18/21 Jean Judy

2/19/21 Vickie Ensminger

2/20/21 Gregg Skerpon

2/21/21 Linda Klinger

2/22/21 Eileen Marcus

2/23/21 Ken Beamer

2/24/21 Robert Andrews

To order your 2021 calendar, contact the Homeland Center development office at (717) 221-7885 or visit https://homelandcalendar.fasttransact.net/

A full list of 2020 Lottery Calendar winners is available here; 2019 Lottery Calendar winners, click here; or 2018 Lottery Calendar winners, click here.

Warm thanks to all of our supporters for helping us serve the Central Pennsylvania community for more than 150 years.

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